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“I learned a lot from the videos. Now I understand what I was doing incorrectly. I also purchased two of Chef Jungstedt’s recipes, the Citrus Cheesecake and Cinnamon Bunbon. I’m looking forward in taking his classes that he’s currently working on in November:). Thanks so much!!!

– Tom Andersonpecus ranking on Trustpilot

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I purchased a recipe, the process was easy. The recipe is excellent and well detailed. – Jonathan Philips

Trustpilot bonbon courses

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“When you sit with a praline that I have made, you can have confidence that I have done everything I possibly can, to make your occasion special. I also help beginners and professionals to develop their bonbon making. Quality is something I strive for in just about everything I do.”

/ Kalle Jungstedt – Chocolatier

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