Bonbon for companies

praliner för företag

Astonish the people around you with shiny bonbons

You want to celebrate something, you want to stand out, you want that extra touch at the event or just enjoy something good, shiny with the company logo on. Then Chef Jungstedt’s pralines fit perfectly.

Present a bonbon with the company logo for the coffee to celebrate the end of today’s conference. Create a conversation about the filling that you and Chef Jungstedt have come to. Do a Show off in front of new customers. Give to employees when you have something to celebrate.

There are many reasons why you should choose to have sparkling, tasty, and seductive bonbons at your company’s event.

Taste and style after your order

Together, we come to the conclusion on which tastes and style suit your type of you event theme, what you within the company like the most, or what look you are most eager for.

Your logo is created on a printed chocolate paper that can be placed on the praline so it is really visible.

Get in touch with me, Chef Jungstedt and we’ll start there.

Order ratio for company bonbons

  • The minimum order is 30 pralines of one taste
  • Delivery time, at least 3 days.
  • The customer is responsible for the delivery.
  • The price depends entirely on taste and workmanship. SEK 22 / pc is the starting price for the basic praline, after that it all depends on the filling and design. Of course, the price can be discussed for larger orders.
  • Payment: Invoice, credit card or Swish, according to the quote

Please call, text, email or write a private message on Instagram to Kalle (Chef Jungstedt) at:

Have a taste of Chef Jungstedts bonbon´s

Maybe you wanna taste before you place an order?

Go to Restaurang Coupine, Jim&Jacob or Savanth bar for a taste.


visit Chef Jungstedts Swedish site to have a look – click here to get there