Learn how to make a perfect bonbon in 2 hours

chef jungstedts fundamentals course
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Wanna learn how to do shiny bonbons?

Welcome to Chef Jungstedts “the Fundamentals”-course in how to make a perfect shiny bonbon, every time – the Chef Jungstedt way.

In this praline clourse we will go through all the basic steps to help secure a perfect result every time.

You will get shiny pralines with perfect shell thickness in a clean, efficient and professional way. 

“The Fundamentals” is a course where you will learn how to make a shiny bonbon with in 2 hours of lesson time! 

Including: 10 instructional videos (+2 hours) – 10 pdf:s – access to Chef Jungstedts Facebook group

Welcome to Chef Jungstedts Fundamentals course

Equipment guide

Meet Chef Jungstedt in his studio and see firsthand what equipment he uses during this course to get the perfect result.

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“When I created my online school my aim was to provide the best possible information, methods and techniques that I have acquired over the years. My methods are based on simplicity, cleanliness but most importantly, STABLE AND CONSISTENT results, day in and day out. I have over 2000 satisfied students from over 60 countries and the community is growing every day

– Kalle Jungstedt – Chocolatier

What do students say about this course?


“I began making chocolate bonbons about a year ago – but it was when I bought both courses from Chef Jungstedt this summer that my work really started getting good.

They’re so good! I’ve learnt so much, and solved problems I didn’t even knew I had. And everyone loves what I make based on the recipes in the courses.

So thank you – and I hope to see you on a live course one day. Until then I’m continuing to learn more from the online courses!”

– Ida Norinder, instagram account Ettkilosocker

What is included in the Fundamentals course?

The course is 2 hours filmed material, divided in 10 lessons and the language of the course is English.

You are able to make this praline course what ever pace you want.

For each lesson you will get a couple of questions and in some lessons you will get PDF-material. This questions gets you a better understanding on how you did catch the information that was given to you during the lesson.

This course will give you the following tools:

  • How to handle your moulds and what moulds you should buy to have the best basis to make shiny pralines
  • How to handle coloured cacao butter
  • How to get max gloss, every time on all the pralines
  • Basic ganache making
  • 3 basic/base ganache recipes (white, milk & dark chocolate)
  • How to practice on your piping skills
  • How to create perfect shell thickness and how a perfect shell should look like
  • How to make a reliable and perfect release
  • Get a smooth and even capping
  • How to work clean and efficient
  • How to work without any polishing technique, which will save you hours and days
  • Get access to my private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and connect with other Chef Jungstedt praline students
  • When you have answered all the questions and passed the lessons – you will get a Chef Jungstedt Certificate
Measure caco butter

Who will benefit from this bonbon course? 

Whether if you are a beginner, at an intermediate level or are at an advanced level, you will have the chance to learn new things in this videos.

If you are in any concern what you will learn in this praline course or what set up you need to fullfil this praline course, please look at the tabs to find out what YOU can learn and what you need.

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Chef Jungstedt Facebook group fro students

For signed up students

You will have access to Chef Jungstedts Learning room on Facebook were you will be able to discuss your thoughts, issues or get feedback on your work from either Chef Jungstedt and/or our +1000 students that already joined.

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