Intro – How to make a perfect bonbon

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The Fundamentals – how to make a perfect bonbon

A lot of people have reached out to me saying that they feel that they are afraid that they don’t have all the equipment and skills needed to make bonbons on a high level.

Don´t worry, I started making my bonbons at home and I know all about the issues you might face. If you already do bonbons a lot, this class will help you make all your steps easier, cleaner and leave you with less mess and a smoother production with consistent results.

If you are just starting up you can see all the equipment we are going to use in this course, in Lesson 2.

Some of them are only needed if you are making quite a lot of bonbons – like the chocolate warmer for example. Other than that, it is very little that is going to be needed to participate in this course and to create spectacular results.

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