Chef Jungstedt´s bonbon tasting

Calamatis Pralin Provsmakning

Taste chocolate of the highest quality

During a bonbon tasting, you will get to taste the pure chocolate of the highest quality that the bonbons are created from.

You will get to try a range of bonbons with different characters and structures. Learn to recognize how a quality bonbon is built, experience flavors and textures that brings you on a taste journey.

The list of what you experience is long

How well does the chocolate melt in your mouth? Is the shell too thick or too thin? Does it feel luxurious to bite into? Is the filling soft and smooth? Is it enough acid for just that taste? Do the right flavors come out? The list of what you are going to learn at a bonbon tasting session is longer than you think.

The chocolate is from one of the world’s best manufacturers and processors – Felchlin from Switzerland.

The place for the tastings

In the inspiring studio at Restaurant Coupine, you will be served this tasting trip.

It is also possible to hire Chef Jungstedt for your events at your home or rent the studio if you want a private tasting.

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