Learn to master the art of praline fillings – the Fillings course


The online praline course that will give you all the praline filling tips and tricks

“Very happy with Chef Jungstedt’s Fillings Course!
Packed with information. Useful for even experienced chocolatiers. I feel so much more confident about my fillings and their shelf life. Vital for chocolate businesses.
Highly recommend. Thanks chef!”

Imogen Chocolatier

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Surely it’s frustrating when you spend a lot of time making nice glossy pralines with a beautiful design and then discover that your praline filling has moulded, dried or lost flavour or become grainy just a few days later.

The nightmare!! Especially if you intend to sell your pralines or want to make larger quantities.

Welcome to the pre-recorded online praline Fillings course – with 16 videos, 18 pdf:s, 56 recipes and Chef Jungstedts own Ganache calculator – that will expand your way of thinking when it comes to praline fillings!

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What is included in the class: 

16 Instructional videos 

Covering all topics below, total duration of 3h 45 minutes with 18 additional PDF-files. 

56 Recipes, AW and texture tested! 72 Pages

You will get 56 recipes, 18 of them is vegan. All of them is AW and textured tested.  

Ganache calculator 

When you sign up for this praline filling course, you will get Chef Jungstedts Ganache calculator. It’s an excel sheet that help you to balance your own ganaches with the  knowledge from this praline course.

Chef Jungstedt will help you expand your toolbox with more and different types of  praline fillings than you had before.

This is not a ganache class, this is a praline filling course! Ganaches will be included and you will learn how to balance your own ganaches, but we will not stop there …

Video overview of the praline filling course

  • Intro
  • What equipment do we need for this class?
  • What is an emulsion?
  • Sugars!
  • What is cacao butter silk? 
  • Water activity
  • Ganaches (Cold method)
  • Ganaches (Quick method)
  • Caramel ganaches 
  • Nut ganaches
  • Giandujas
  • Crunchy fillings
  • Pipeable cookie layers
  • Marshmallows 
  • Fondants
  • Fruit Gels

Your customer ask you: How long can I store my pralines? 

This question might make you uncomfortable….

By using one of the 56 well balanced praline recipes that you get in this praline course, you will be sure to have a secure foundation to build your business on or just have fun with great results. 

You will also gain knowledge about how you can make your own balanced praline recipes from scratch in this course.

Shelf life and Water Activity

All praline recipes in this praline course are balanced to be easy to work with. They give you a secure foundation to stand on since they are carefully balanced, to be easy to pipe and make,  and they are all AW TESTED

The water activity will dictate the shelf life of your pralines!

The lower the number the better your praline filling will counteract bacteria growth. If the water activity is too high in your praline fillings you will have a product that is unsafe to serve to your customers or friends.

As little as 2% too much water in a praline filling can throw off the balance and make it unstable and unsafe to serve. 

water activity - chef jungstedt

Water activity is not to be mixed with water content. 

All praline fillings in this class have a AW reading below 0.85 AW. This will ensure that all your fillings will be safe to serve and have a shelf life up to 3 months and some praline recipes way longer than that.

Have you experienced how difficult it can be to create your own ganache recipe?

You get the taste but the praline filling becomes too thick and difficult to pipe. You may increase the liquid to get the consistency but then they just start to dry out or moulds will start to grow just a few days later. .

If you know each individual ingredient and how much (in percent) of the various components that control the result – then you get full control over texture, taste and durability in your pralines.

There is a theoretical written lesson where we will go through how the different components of a ganache affect the end result.

The purpose of this theoretical lesson is for you to deeply understand how a ganache is structured and how you can adjust the various components – so that you get the result you want from your particular ganache, every time.

Chef Jungsted’s own ganache calculator is included in the class

You need to have precise control over the percentage of sugar, water, cocoa fat, milk fat and dry mass in your ganaches, in order to control durability and texture.

Therefore, Chef Jungstedt’s Ganache calculator is included, so that you more easily can calculate and adjust your praline recipes and also get maximum control over how much ganache you want to get out of the recipe.

This gives you full control over all parameters before you even start mixing the filling. It saves time and raw materials as you get basically perfect results every time.

Ganache calculator chef jungstedt


What equipment do you need for this praline filling course?


Recipe included in course


White chocolate ganache  – aw 0.78

Caramel ganache – aw 0.83

Milk chocolate ganacheaw 0.77

Dark milk ganacheaw 0.78

Dark chocolate ganache 62%aw 0.85

Dark chocolate ganache 65%aw 0.80

Dark chocolate ganache 75%aw 0.80

Espresso ganacheaw 0.82

Whisky ganache – aw 0.71

Blood grape ganache (Vegan)aw 0.85

Soy milk Dark ganache (Vegan) aw 0.79

Nut based Ganaches

Hazelnut/Dark chocolateaw 0.80

Hazelnut/Spiritsaw 0.73

Hazelnut Dark Milkaw 0.80

Hazelnut milk chocolateaw 0.75

Almond milk chocolate – aw 0.78

Almond with spiritsaw 0.68

Pistachio white chocolateaw 0.76

Hazelnut coconut (Vegan)aw 0.81

Hazelnut with spirits (Vegan)aw 0.78


Salty caramel

Salty caramel dry method

Passion fruit caramel (Vegan)

Whisky caramel

Coconut caramel (Vegan)

Raspberry Mango caramel (Vegan)

Caramel Ganaches 

Passionfruit caramel ganache Veganaw 0.74

Salty dark chocolate caramel ganache – aw 0.73

Salty milk chocolate and port wine caramel ganache – aw 0.63

Salty white caramel ganache – aw 0.75

Raspberry white chocolate caramel ganache – aw 0.77

Pasionfruit dark milk caramel ganache – aw 0.76


Dark chocolate / Hazelnut (Vegan)

Milk chocolate / Hazelnut

White chocolate / Hazelnut

Dark chocolate / Almond (Vegan)

Milk chocolate / Almond

White chocolate / Almond

Milk chocolate / Pistachios

White chocolate / Pistachios

Pistachio crunch 

Crunchy fillings

Dark chocolate / Hazelnut / cacao nibs (Vegan option) 

Milk chocolate / Almond / Cornflakes  (Vegan option)

White chocolate / Pistachio / rose (Vegan option)

Cookie layers (Pipeable)

Cookie bottom base with nuts

Cookie bottom base without nuts

Cookie bottom base (Vegan version) 


Plain Marshmallow

Chocolate marshmallow

Fruit marshmallow


Base fondant (Vegan)

Fruit component to make fruit fondant (Vegan)

Fruit gels 

Citrus based pipeable fruit gel (Vegan)

Raspberry based pipeable fruit gel (Vegan)

Mango based pipeable fruit gel (Vegan)

All fruits can be changed to your taste and liking. 


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