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15% off in bundle price for the online praline courses, that will rock and expand your praline world.


“The course from Chef Jungstedt is one of the best instructional courses I’ve had. The material is clear, the description and examples are easy to follow and replicate, and the content for the value is outstanding. I’d give it 10 stars if I could and look forward to upcoming courses!”

Benjamin Davis

Trustpilot bonbon courses

If you’re tired of struggling with praline issues, fillings that moulds, dry out, or lose flavour quickly – lost inspiration on how to color your bonbon’s –  our courses are here to help.

Choose what courses you want to attend – choose at least two courses to get the bundle offer.

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Step by step how to make a shiny perfect praline in 2 hours - the Fundamentals

Learn to master the art of bonbon fillings - the Fillings course

The Bonbon Shine and Decor Master course!

Wanna become a bonbon Shine Master?

The Decor Tutorial for bonbons


The Fundamental

How to make a perfect bonbon in 2 hours.

With “the Fundamental” course, you’ll learn how to create perfect, shiny pralines with the ideal shell thickness, using clean and efficient techniques.

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The Filling

With Chef Jungstedt’s “The Fillings” course you are going to learn how to make stunning fillings.

You’ll gain access to 16 videos, 18 PDFs, 56 recipes, and a magic Ganache calculator that will revolutionise your praline fillings – forever.

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Shine and Decor master course

Are you following all the steps you have been taught to achieve a perfectly glossy finish, such as polishing your moulds and tempering your cocoa butter, but still not achieving the results you want? Even worse, your color is sticking to your moulds.

This course will teach you why this is, and help you secure your results!

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Shine Master & Decor Tutorial

This two courses are included in the big Shine and Decor course, so if you want the whole package – go for the Shine and Decor Master course.


All the courses are for beginners and professionals and everyone in between

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate praline maker, our courses will help you expand your knowledge and skills in the world of chocolate. Invest in yourself and your passion with our chocolate course bundle today.

Don’t let mouldy or grainy praline fillings ruin your hard work – master the art of praline making with our expert guidance today!


Chef Jungsted’s own ganache calculator is included in the filling class

You need to have precise control over the percentage of sugar, water, cocoa fat, milk fat and dry mass in your ganaches, in order to control durability and texture.

Therefore, Chef Jungstedt’s Ganache calculator is included, so that you more easily can calculate and adjust your praline recipes and also get maximum control over how much ganache you want to get out of the recipe.

This gives you full control over all parameters before you even start mixing the filling. It saves time and raw materials as you get basically perfect results every time.

Ganache calculator chef jungstedt