Chef Jungstedt Signature mould no.1


Chef Jungstedt Signature mould no.1 

I have got the opportunity to make my first mould together with Implast chocolate moulds. This mould is 100% designed by me and as I see it, this is the ultimate bonbon mould.

The size of the bonbon is 11 Grams,  18 mm height and 31 mm width and it creates 28 bonbons per tray.

It Chef Jungstedt Signature mould no.1 gives the impression of a sphere but it is a lower flatter dome mould that is generally easier to work with.

It still presents a deep enough cavity to hold 3 layers but hits the perfect size of 11 grams. The wider space will make it easier to apply your colors when there is not so much of a side wall to paint. 

The slightly wider base will make it sit more steady during transport and the wider top view will present more of the beautiful artwork of yours. The slightly lower height will present a more luxurious bite then a higher more narrow bonbon.

Product information

The size of the mould is 11 Grams, 18 mm height and 31 mm width and it creates 28 bonbons per tray.

Good luck

I do hope you find my 1:st signature mould as ultimate as I do.

Best wishes

/Chef Jungstedt

How to order from Sweden, Finland & Denmark

Chef JUngstedt send to Finland, Sweden and Denmark

In Sweden, Denmark and Finland you do order as usual here in the shop

How to order from Norway

Norway Praline mould

To order Chef Jungstedt Signature mould No.1 in Norway, please contact me directly at

How to order from outside the Nordics

Rest of the world – please contact Implast chocolate moulds to see which your distributor is in your country or buy directly from Implast – the number of Chef Jungstedts Signature bonbon mould no.1 is 753 (Implast need to know that)

–  Come to Implast website by click here. 

Will be sent by Åsö Chocolate – Free freight after 1500 kr

This product, sorry to say, can only be delivered in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, as for now. See text above regarding the rest of the world.

The moulds will be delivered to you by Åsö Chocolate if you order from any of the three countries.

If you place an order that is higher then 1500 kr,  you have to possibility to click that “Fri Frakt/Free Freight” when you check out. (only in Sweden)


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