Chocolate Melter with thermostat – 6-liter


Make it easier to melt your chocolate

– Use a chocolate melter with a thermostat

This chocolate melter is equipped with a practical and removable stainless steel container with a plastic lid. With the manual thermostat you can adjust and maintain chocolate at the desired temperature.

Melt your chocolate more accurate and make is easier for you when you are making your bonbons.

Chef Jungstedt is talking about this melter in his course “the Fundamentals – How to make a perfect bonbon” – when he explains why he is using it.

Product information

Outer dimensions: 400×330 mm, hight 135 mm.
The stainless steel container : 320×265 mm, hight 100 mm.

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This product, sorry to say, can only be delivered in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, as for now.

This chocolate melter will be delivered to you by Åsö Chocolate if you order from any of the three countries above.

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