The Fundamentals – Step by step how to make a shiny perfect bonbon


“The Fundamentals” – The online course to make perfect shiny bonbons

This is my first block of videos – how to help you create chocolate bonbons, in a shiny perfect way – every bath of bonbon you make.

I will in this videos go through all the basics on how to make a shinny moulded chocolate bonbon – the Chef Jungstedt way.

“The Fundamentals” is a class aimed towards the beginner or the intermediate level bonbon maker, but of course proffs will learn things as well in my videos. 

This course is 2 hours filmed material, divided in 8 steps and for each step you get a couple of questions. This questions gets you a better understanding on how you did catch the info in the instructions videos and the included PDF-material.

You are going to get 3 basic ganache recipes (white, Milk and dark chocolate)  you will have access to my, Chef Jungstedts private Facebook group, where you can ask questions regarding the course, plus meet up with other Chef Jungstedt bonbon making students.

The course is in English and you can make it in what ever pace you want.

Let´s go!!!


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Who will benefit from this bonbon course and what do I need? 

Whether if you are a beginner, at an intermediate level or are at an advanced level, you will have the chance to learn new things in this videos.

If you are in any concern what you will learn in this course or what set up you need to fullfil this bonbon course, please look at the tabs below to find out what YOU can learn and what you need.

“The fundamentals” – will give you the following tools:

  • How to handle your moulds and what moulds you should buy to have the best basis to make shinny good bonbons
  • How to handle colored cacao butter
  • How to get max gloss, every time on all the bonbons
  • Basic ganache making
  • 3 basic/base ganache recipes
  • How to practice on your piping skills
  • How to create perfect shell thickness and how a perfect shell should look like
  • How to make a reliable and perfect release
  • Get a smooth and even capping
  • How to work clean and efficient
  • How to work without any polishing technique, which will save you hours and days
  • Get access to my private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and connect with other Chef Jungstedt bonbon students
  • When you have answered all the questions and passed the lessons – you will get a Chef Jungstedt Certificate

How to go about after purchasing the course

When you purchase this course, you will both get a Chef Jungstedt account automatic and you will be log in automatic. You can find your way to your account, either by the mail that got sent to you when you purchased this course or you can find it in the footer of the homepage.

Good luck.

/ Chef Jungstedt

Who will benefit from this class? 

Whether if you are a beginner, at an intermediate level or are at an advanced level, you will have the chance to learn new things in this videos.

If you are in any concern what you will learn, please look at the tabs below to find out what YOU can learn in this course.

If you are a beginner

This will set you off at the right pace and make you avoid a ton of annoying mistakes that you usually do in the beginning.

If you have started making bonbons and facing issues like too thick shells, messy bottom caps and lack of gloss, this is definitely the class for you!

This is a great starting platform for you to build on when we later on will dig deep into decor and painting techniques and fillings in my two upcoming classes. 

If you are on Intermediate level

This class will help you brush up and understand issues you might have with your bonbon making. The methods and ways to work in this class will help you learn how to temper from 1 to 9 kilos of chocolate very reliably and cleanly, in a small space and with no mess at all.

Get more reliable gloss on all your bonbons. Speed up and make your painting a lot more reliable and create a setup that allows you to have 100% control over your tempered cacao butter so you can put the focus on your actual painting and not get distracted by trying to keep your color in perfect condition.

How to temper colored cacao butter mess free and super reliable.

You will also learn how to work so that you keep your chocolate only where it belongs…in the cavities of the chocolate mould.

You will learn how you can make your work a lot more clean and tidy through the whole process. You will also learn how to work without even washing and polishing your moulds and still get maximum gloss.

This saves time and effort!!!

If you are on an advanced level

You probably already know most of the information I share in the video bundle. But you will for sure get a great insight in how I work efficiently, clean and get reliable results.

You will learn how to create super smooth bottom caps with no acetate sheets and how to save time like crazy by keeping your moulds clean from chocolate so that you then can skip the step of washing and polishing them between rounds.

This means that you will save time, effort and that is money saved. The two upcoming classes of decor and filling will probably be something that suits you a little bit better if this is something you already master.

What tools are need to complete the course?

To have a chance to make the best out of this course – this are the basic tools needed:

  • Probe Thermometer 10-90$
  • Spatulas 4-10$
  • Chocolate moulds 20-30$
  • Jug 1-20$
  • Scales 10-100$
  • Plastic bowl 4-10$
  • Small plastic cups 1-2$
  • Piping bags 10$
  • Heat gun or hair dryer 20-30$
  • Brush 1$
  • Chocolate Scraper 10$
  • Cotton pads 1$
  • Hand blender 50 – 250$
  • Alcohol 40% or higher.
  • Chocolate ingredients

If you are making more then just for friends and family, these two pieces of equipment will be very helpful and make your life so much easier. (But still not a must for this course)

  • Chocolate warmer min 6 L 400 $
  • Heat plate 60-100 $

I have more questions

If you have more questions – please go to my “How to … FAQ”-page by clicking this sentence. 

Course language

This course is in English