Shine and Decor Class

The new online class from Chef Jungstedt!

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This fall is special! We will move in to our new kitchen with ultimate conditions to record an awesome online class, This will be the third online class as a follow up and completion of our “Fundamentals” and “Fillings” classes. Making a series of classes that will cover every aspect of how to make a casted chocolates. 

This class is called SHINE and DECOR! 

It is really what the topic reveals. We will help you to achieve ultimate gloss CONSISTENTLY! To get super gloss is not luck nor magic. It is just pure science and reliable metods! And we will make sure you really do get to the point of mastering the gloss!

We will help you to be very creative both with hand painted designs but also how to master an airbrush for nice clean effects!  

The class will help you to understand and improve!

  – Mega gloss (Always!)

– Color blending

– Paint like a boss with natural colors!

– Titanium dioxide ban compensations

– Keeping colors tempered for hours

– Designs that are mainly suited for medium to large volume production!

– Designs will be rated 1-10 in expected speed and difficulty.  

– Air pressure/Compressor

– Choice of airbrush

– Hand painting creativity and tools

– 30+ designs, reliable and clean!

– Adjust design after mould shape!

– And much more….

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* Yes, email is required