Cinnamon Bunbon Recipe


The Cinnamon bunbon 3.0 Recipe

Chef Jungstedt is taking Cinnamon to the next level

The recipe has been developed and refined over a long period of time and has finally come together to the perfect well balanced Cinnamon “bunbon” recipe.

It has been a great hit serving it up to customers. They really can’t resist trying it. To be able to give your customers the ultimate Cinnamon “bunbon” experience I have added the full painting technique. It really is a big key factor for the whole experience. 

The flavors are extracted in a way so that you not only get the cinnamon taste, that would not be enough. The cinnamon “bunbon” have to have more flavor layers to really give your customers the ultimate sensation of eating a crossover between a bonbon and a tasty cinnamon bun. 

The recipe consists so much fun

That is why I have carefully balanced this recipe with the flavor notes of toasted wheat, caramelized sugar and browned butter. All very important to give the right flavor profile. 

The recipe includes a special infusion technique that I use for this bonbon. It is absolutely crucial for the “bready” notes in this bonbon.  

What’s included in the recipe:

  • The painting technique of the Cinnamon “bunbon” design
  • Cinnamon, browned butter and toasted brioche ganache 0.80 AW
  • Special Infusion technique for the brioche
  • Cinnamon caramel
  • BONUS recipe of my SALTED CARAMEL recipe with tips on how you can alter that recipe for different textures and flavor profiles.
  • Extra educational tips and advice
  • More then 51 Pictures
  • Over 30 Pages of instructions and tips.  
  • Included inside: Discount code that you can use to get 20% on my “the Fundamentals”-course – plus this recipe will give you discount to my upcoming online fillings class!  

A full recipe with lots of pictures

This recipe is over 30 pages long and contains 51 selected images with detailed explanations and instructions. You will also receive tips and tricks that I regularly use in my production. I want to make sure you really understand the recipe that I´m handing over to you.

Not understanding the recipe might not give you the end results that we all want you to achieve. Therefore the recipe is longer and more detailed than what you might be used to. 

This recipe also comes with an extra recipe of my well proven Salted Caramel that I have used for a long time now. I made this recipe to have a caramel super easy to make, bulletproof and no issues with sugar crystallization during storage or during production. The recipe also comes with a mini caramel school so you can take the original recipe and remake it to the texture and flavor you want. 

What is AW 0.80?!

A lot of recipes that you can find for free even that you pay for does not prove it’s shelf life and water activity. Water activity will determine the safety of the product and how long it will be ok during storage. Since this ganache has a proven AW reading of 0.80 I know and you know that this is a safe recipe to serve your customers. More about water activity inside the recipe.  

Celsius, Metric system and language

The recipe is described with Celcius and the Metric system and it´s written in english. 

How to get the recipe?

There are two ways you can download the recipe after you have purchased it. 

  1. You will get a receipt in the browser after you have purchased the recipe here on the homepage – please do push “Download Cinnamon bunbon recipe”. If you can’t find the pdf, please look where you are storing your download files on your computer.
  2. You will receive an email after the purchase. In that email, you find a link with the text “Download Cinnamon bunbon recipe”. If you can’t find the pdf, please look where you are storing your download files on your computer. 

YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE TO YOUR COMPUTER, don’t just copy the link in the browser. Important!

The PDF-recipe is 2,7 MB and you have 5 attempts to download the PDF-file.

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