About Chef Jungstedt

About Chef Jungstedt - bonbon specialist

Who is Chef Jungstedt?

My foundation as a chef for 18 years makes my taste combinations different from most confectioners and chocolate makers. Food and creative creation have always been with me in life in one way or another.

I graduated from Stockholm’s Hotel and Restaurant School in 2001. Since then, I have worked continuously both internationally and at Stockholm’s indoor restaurants. I have always had a penchant for the cold kitchen and desserts during my years in the industry.

Quality products and precision work have always been with me as security and what I lean on in all situations. You noticed this during my first year as a chef at Rolf’s kitchen. When I put Rasberry sorbet in quenelles they were not allowed to leave my station, until they were completely perfect. Or the Brulee which had the perfect consistency and a burnt sugar blanket that was the smoothest golden brown sugar blanket you have seen.

Inspired by Antonio Bachour

Where I have worked, I have always been directly or indirectly responsible for the desserts and sweets. Chocolate is an extremely complex raw material to work with and something that has fascinated me for a long time. Chocolate is extremely malleable and flexible if you know how to handle it. This means that chocolate favors creativity – which I have an abundance of.

Many years ago I was inspired by Antonio Bachour on instagram. I found his bonbon extremely fascinating and I immediately felt that I just had to do that.

A couple of years later with extremely much training, long days, late nights, my vision is a reality.

2017-2018 I worked at the Restaurang Gute grill where I held the restaurant’s course activities with great success and with an overwhelmingly positive reception from my course participants. This made me realize that I had a penchant for teaching. (both my parents are teachers and good educators)

Drive development in Sweden

Therefore, I work with my own chocolate company and take the opportunity to learn and train chefs and individuals around the world, with a focus in Sweden.

I teach them to work with chocolate as a medium in different ways and also help drive development with a number of different technologies to offer vegan components and whole desserts.

My goal is to drive development in Sweden by teaching and educating the restaurant in Sweden and private individuals and at the same time developing and offering my unique product line to you as an end customer.

Do you wanna learn as well?

Do you want to learn more about how I make my bonbon´s and how I think about making them – follow me on Instagram or fill out the Newsletter form. Or if you want to immerse yourself even more – join one of my courses, links can be found in the menu.

Thank you and give me a call and we can have a chat over a shiny bonbon.

/ Kalle Jungstedt, Chocolatier

Company info

Chef Jungstedt AB

Grusåsgränd 13

121 30 Enskededalen

Org-nr: 559217-5748

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