The Fundamentals on how to make a perfect shiny bonbon – every time.

Chef Jungstedt the fundamentals bonbon course

The Fundamentals on how to make a perfect shiny bonbon – every time

Welcome to my “the Fundamentals”-course in how to make a perfect shiny bonbon – the Chef Jungstedt way.

I do hope you are going to get the information and result you are looking for.

Please read the short Step By Step tutorial before you start

Down below on this page you have 10 lessons on how to make a fantastic bonbon. 

You will soon enter my world on how to make a perfect bonbon … BUT DO PLEASE … take the time to read through the tutorial below, on how to go about with the course and you will get the smoothest ride.

The Fundamentals – How to make a perfect bonbon!

Step by step – how to do this course

Answer the quiz in lesson 2 to 9

To get a certification that you got approved for this course you need to answer the quiz questions 100%. 

No worry, you will get as many chances as you need.

In the lesson pages 2-9 you have the button “View Quiz” – push it to get to Quiz

view quiz button

Answer quiz question – in the bottom this buttons will show:

Quiz buttons

Complete Quiz – Get your answer, how did you do?

Save Quiz – You want to continue later

Reset Quiz – Didn´t get 100%? Don’t you worry.

Push the “Reset Quiz” and try until you make it.

How to go to next lesson

1. In lesson 1 and 10 you just need to watch and listen to the Vimeo clip and “approve” that you have done so, by clicking the Complete-lesson button.

This will take you to next lesson in lesson 1 and end your course in lesson 10.

Complete Lesson

2. When you have completed the quiz, you will get this green bar in the top – click Next lesson and you will be teleported in to the next lesson.

Next Lesson - done quiz

3. If you just wanna brows between the lessons or get back to this page:

Scroll to the bottom of the lesson and you will find the bar that will take you back here or to the previous/next lesson.

walk between lessons

Certificate – where do you find it

When you have nailed all the quiz questions and have become a wiser chocolatier,

of course you should have a certificate for that!

To find this Certificate, you go to “My courses” (

you will find a link on your Chef Jungstedt Account or in the footer of this page).

There you will find the button View Certifications – do click it and it will open up in a new tab.

Questions during the course?

As a part of purchasing this course you have access to Chef Jungstedt Learning Room on Facebook.

Here you join to ask your questions and to talk and get to know other chocolate students. Click here to get there ->

Good luck and looking forward to see your result.

/ Kalle – Chef Jungstedt