Praline Troubleshooting – 1 consulting hour online


1-0n-1 live or online meeting


“Friendly, accommodating and listened to my problems and came up with solutions adapted to my level.

Recommend to anyone who wants to develop their knowledge of chocolate.”

Louise Olsson

Trustpilot bonbon courses

This is a service that will help you elevate your filled bonbon results.

Very often we stand there alone not able to understand and solve the problems that show up under or after your production.

It can be everything from cracked shells, split ganaches, how to make fruit gel, perfect storage, problem achieving gloss or problem achieving sufficient shelf life on your products.

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Chef Jungstedt, together with Klarna, can offer you the option to BUY NOW – PAY IN INSTALMENTS OR LATER if you live in a Eurozone country.

You can choose the time period in which you want to pay during checkout.



I´m here to help you!!!

I am located in my studio while we do our online meeting.

This is to be able to show you minor things and be able to reach for tools etc to be able to explain my self in our discussions.

To be clear I will not make products like an online class. This is a discussion where you explain your issues and I help you come up with solutions to your issues.

Chocolate can be confusing and very often the reason for your issues might not be what you think. That’s why I call it troubleshooting. With the information you give me I can most likely help you correct the real issues behind your struggles.

Examples of topics that you might want to bring up:

  • Lack of gloss
  • Short shelf life
  • Separated ganaches
  • Tempering problems
  • Airbrush issues
  • Mixing cacao colors
  • Problem with storage conditions
  • Oily Caramels
  • How to add crispy textures
  • Shells getting too thick or thin
  • Capping issues
  • The list goes on….it´s up to you what we talk about!

How do I purchase this troubleshooting hour?

  • Book and pay for one hour, or more if you need to.
  • Chef Jungstedt will get in touch with you within 24 hours to book a date that we both are happy with. (During summertime, response time can take a little bit longer.)
  • A day or two before the troubleshooting hour, I will get in contact to explain how we get connected. (Hangout, Zoom or Facetime most of the times)

I hope to see and hear from you soon!

Best regards

Chef Jungstedt

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