Shine and Decor Class

The new online class from Chef Jungstedt!

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70% feel that they do everything they have been told to in the attempt to achieve perfect gloss! The instructions are usually: Temper you colored cocoa butter and make sure you polish your moulds!

But I know why you are not successful!

80% Feel like they struggle with inspiration and knowledge to create new and interesting designs and expressions on their bonbons.

What if I know exactly why you don’t achieve that kind of gloss consistently?!

And what if I share over 30+ decor techniques that will take your creativity to the next level! Never get stuck over a new design. You will instead feel like you have too many options 😀

I share my exact methods and my secret with you to make sure you get 100% mirror gloss every time! How would it feel to KNOW that the bonbons will come out glossy as they have ever been?!

SHINE AND DECOR – Online class

24 Instructional videos (6+ Hours) and 30+ Short decor technique tutorials!

  • Equipment walkthrough
  • Choice of moulds
  • Design and color choices for your moulds!
  • Brush Walkthrough – What we use in our kitchen.
  • Understand how to work with an Air brush!
  • Spray Gun tutorial – Understand everything you need to know about working with a Spray Gun!
  • Choose the right colors for your job!
  • Temper color in three different clean and easy ways!
  • Keep tempered colors in temper for hours!
  • Work clean with no polishing needed – No mess, MAX gloss!
  • Our perfect release routine!
  • Get started, Tips and advice before we start to paint!
  • Spray multiple moulds fast and efficient.
  • Decor demos 30+ Videos. Short tutorials on each decor technique
  • Quiz in every chapter to help you learn and understand

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